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Why Recycle Your Scrap Plastics

Maximise Profit:

In an ideal world there would be zero scrap from your production facility. However, even the most efficient operation produces a percentage of scrap material.

So what to do with it ?Why throw money away ?

With rising polymer prices the value of scrap material has never been higher. This coupled with rising energy and other production costs have made the need to make savings imperative.

The pellet produced using a MUNCHY System is of the highest possible quality = higher % back into production = higher cost savings.

Take the MUNCHY Challenge to see how much you could be saving.

A photograph of 1st class plastic pellets
1st Class Pellets = Max Profit
A photograph of the proven dual diameter screw
A Proven, Simple Solution
A photograph of PE film being recycled
Closed Loop Systems
A photograph of an easy to clean munchy system
Eliminated Cross Contamination

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